Area of Action

Climate Change Adaptation


Latin America and the Caribbean is a highly vulnerable region to the impacts of climate change. Rising temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, and sea-level rise, among other threats, affect ecosystems, communities, and their livelihoods. Despite the urgent need for adaptation, there are barriers in terms of knowledge, capacity, regulations, and financing that hinder this process.

Climate Action supports multiple stakeholders in their adaptation efforts. Its goal is to reduce the vulnerability of ecosystems and people to climate risks through knowledge management, the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions initiatives, and the development of technical capacities.

To overcome existing barriers, Climate Action contributes to the resilience of the region through four main thematic areas:

Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Resilience
Innovative Financing for Adaptation and Private Sector Engagement
Impact on International Climate Negotiations Spaces
Local Action and Inclusive Participation for Resilience



Climate Capsules



Marta Moneo Laín
Program Officer
Ana Cristina Becerra Salas
Climate Change Adaptation Specialist
Angela Prias Mahecha
Adaptation technical analyst
Irati Durban Aguinagalde
Climate Change Adaptation Communications Specialist
Lili Ilieva
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Specialist
Ophélie Clara Drouault
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Analyst
Maria Paula Viscardo Sesma
Urban Nature-Based Solutions Analyst
Maria Teresa Abogado Ríos
Climate Change Adaptation Specialist
Natalia López Álvarez
Youth and Climate Change Adaptation Analyst
Santiago Núñez Ramírez
Private Sector Engagement Specialist for Climate Change Adaptation
Rodrigo Villate Rivera
Coastal Management Specialist