SDG Cuba

Environmental Finance Enabling Framework to accelerate Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Cuba

Objective of the program

Strengthen and build capacity of key stakeholders to create an effective mechanism to address environmental financing in the country, sustainably manage natural resources, and adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects.

Key data

  • Budget: USD 260,374 for UNEP. TOTAL: USD 815,299 
  • Executing Entity: Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA). 
  • Beneficiaries: 60 producers and 1 financier.   
  • Fund: Joint SDG Fund Co financing BioFin Cuba 
  • Project Sites: Pinar del Río-Cuba 
  • Timeframe: 2022-2023 


The “Enabling Environmental Financing Framework to accelerate the SDGs in Cuba” is a joint program coordinated by UNDP and a component by UNEP. The development of this project will provide a coherent and articulated inter-institutional mechanism for dialogue, coordination, definition and articulation of actions aimed at mobilizing and channeling resources for biodiversity and climate change adaptation, thus contributing to the advancement of the SDGs.  

This framework will be accompanied by a roadmap and action plan that will enable the country to implement it in the short and medium term. In addition, the incorporation of financial solutions in the non-state sector will contribute to strengthening the capacities of these actors and promote the implementation of climate change adaptation strategies at the local level. The project will be implemented in two agricultural farms in Pinar del Río as pilot sites; however, it is hoped that the outreach will be expanded by extending the invitation to the workshops to both cooperatives and associations.