Ambition and Reality on the Global Adaptation Goal: The Perspectives of Latin America and the Caribbean

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Piedad Martín
Office for Latin America and the Caribbean UNEP

Andrea Camponogara
UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Center

Fabiana Rodrigues
Regional Collaboration Center for Latin America

Angela Rivera
Office of International Affairs and Climate Change, MADS Colombia.
AILAC negotiator

Luz Falivene
National Direction of Climate Change, MAyDS of Argentina.
Negotiator at ABU

Elena Pereira
Climate Change Adaptation Finance, NAP Honduras.

Ignacio Lorenzo
Municipality of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Karem Rivero
Nature4Cities project in the Dominican Republic.

Edgar Fernandez
Transforma, Colombia

Santiago Núñez
Involvement of the private sector in NAP Colombia


Marta Moneo
Adaptation at the UNEP Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Pilar Bueno
Argentinian 1.5
Researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET)

Daniel Díaz Rivas
Office for Latin America and the Caribbean UNEP


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